Friday, August 13, 2010

Cookies N ' Cream

Chocolate cupcake, Vanilla Buttercream with Oreo crumbs, 
topped with an Oreo cookie

Last week in an attempt to bribe my team into working some extra overtime, 
I created a little event now known as the ‘Cupcake Incentive’.  The cupcake
 incentive was simple, work overtime and receive a cupcake…

These Cookies n’ cream cupcakes are the first of four flavors baked for the 
event and probably the most popular. Stay turned for the remaining 
cupcake incentive flavors: Banana split, strawberry shortcake and creamsicle.
The event was a huge success and all 48 cupcakes found themselves, devoured.

 So I leave you with one question….What would you do for a cupcake?

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