Sunday, September 5, 2010

Burgers & Fries

Vanilla Cupcakes, Brownie Burgers topped
 with Buttercream Icing served with Sugar cookie french fries

My friend Marissa recently celebrated her 24th birthday at her new condo in Toronto.  I hadn’t seen Marissa in ages and wanted to make something special for her big night out. As long as I have known Marissa she has always had a soft spot for all types of fast food; pizza, burgers, French fries… you name it, she loves it.  So; low and behold Burgers cupcakes and fry cookies.

  1.   Bake brownies in a 13x19 inch pan and let cool
  2. Cut 12 circles out using a 2 inch circle cookie cutters 
Burger Buns:
  1. Bake 24 Vanilla cupcakes using paper liners, let cool
  2. Cut the tops off the cupcakes (you will need two tops for each burger bun)
  3.  Brush half of the tops with water and sprinkle with sesame seeds

French Fries:
  1.  Make a batch of your favorite vegan sugar cookie dough (or store bought box)
  2. Cut in long rectangular fry shapes
  3. Sprinkle with sugar and bake 

The Finishing Touches (Condiments):
  1. Place a brownie circle on top of a bun bottom
  2. Top with green, yellow and red icing
  3. Add the top sesame covered cupcake bun
  4. Place on a plate or container with the French fries


  1. Wow these are incredible! I really thought they were hamburgers at first!

  2. oh wow that's so neat. They must have been very time consuming