Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cat and the Hat & Chocolate Chip Cookies

View from my Balcony

After a very long hiatus from the world of blogging about tasty cupcakes and other delights, I’m finally back. I took a break to move to Toronto and find my city legs. Now that I've gotten used to my 5'x 5' kitchen and lack of dishwasher, Im finally back.

Pizza Stone Cookie Baking

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. I find that people’s opinions on the holiday fall under one of two camps

1) Valentine’s day is just a made up holiday that’s completely and utterly pointless
2) Valentine’s day is the very best day ever !!!

Chocolate Chip Cookies from VCIYCJ 

Much to my boyfriend’s dismay I fall under the second of those two camps. In fact I am a die-hard Valentine’s Day supporter.  As soon as possible I buy a box of ‘32’ Valentine’s (Yes the one's meant for kindergarten) and some tasty heart-shaped candies. I especially love that Valentine's day is the perfect occasion to wear frilly pink dresses and bake delicious chocolate treats. 

This year I’ve decided to spread the cheer to some of my wonderful friends…
First up Chocolate Chip cookies and the Cat and the Hat for my lovely friend Leigh. 

How do you celebrate your Valentine’s day? 

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