Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Miss Cupcake Contest

Little Miss Monkey

For those of you who know me well, know that I have two obsessions in life: cupcakes and sock monkeys.  In fact my sock monkey addiction began long before my obsession with vegan cupcakes.  Since then, I have been splitting my time between baking cupcakes and making monkeys.  For some reason I never thought to unify these obsessions, that is until now…

I began contemplating how to merge these ideas in a fun creative way.  I couldn’t decide between making a monkey themed cupcake or a cupcake themed monkey.  After much time and deliberation I finally decided on a cupcake themed monkey.  Now that Little Miss Monkey has been created, she needs a good home.

I <3 Cupcakes Tshirt

And so….
For the very first time here on Little Miss Vegan Cupcakes I am hosting a super fantastically awesome cupcake contest to win Little Miss Monkey.

Here’s the Contest Rules low down…
To enter you must:
  1. Be a follower of littlemissvegancupcakes (On Facebook, Blogspot or Bloglovin)
  2. Leave a comment on (facebook or blogspot) telling me…
    Who you are
    How you follow
    Your best Creative Cupcake Idea

Little Miss Monkey will go to the person with the most creative cupcake idea. Contest Closes April 10th,  and the winner will be announced April 14th 2011.  Here’s your chance to get creative, provide some input for the blog and possibly win Little Miss Monkey


  1. It's Val Casault!
    I follow on Facebook and now on Blogspot :)

    Creative Cupcake Idea:

    a savory cupcake... maybe a peanut thai cupcake?
    kind of a Thai spice inspired cupcake mix (cumin, lime,garlic,brown sugar,thai spices?) and a peanut-y icing with chopped salted peanuts.

  2. A apple cider cupcake with a baked apple filling
    - Janice

  3. So excited!

    It's Maggie Austin here, and I follow on Blogspot!
    My cupcake idea is a Mojito Cupcake! A lime flavoured cupcake with mint icing! Sounds kind of crazy, but I think it will work!

    Go Little Miss 'Vegan' Cupcakes! I love your work!

  4. It's me! Amanda! ur bff from class and famous potlucks!
    I follow with direct contact from the baker herself! personal msgs about recipes and such.

    My idea is animal cupcakes! Each animal would have it's own fun filling and specific colour of icing. The giraffe could have caramel filling, a lion could have butterscotch, and a zebra could have chocolate filling! As for the frostings? The animals face would be on top of each cupcake! There could be parrots, bunnys, monkeys, and way more!
    it would be so fun for kids!

  5. I have been trying to figure out how to make a Rum and Coke cupcake...maybe you should give a whirl??

  6. Since easter is just around the corner, ALL i can think about is a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate cream egg inside. Chocolate, or vanilla icing, Either would be delicious :)